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This has got to be the bazillionth blog type deal I’ve created online. Most of em I forgot the passwords to and forgot about. Others I’ve rediscovered through the power of google (and can’t believe what I used to rant about). What brought my back here, was stumbling across a network of tumblr accounts dedicated to achieving goals, real time goals. It’s really hard to come across something on the internet about weight loss or a weight loss community thing that isn’t some gimmick or some computer generated crap, but just real people describing real experiences and celebrating their accomplishments.

Here, I will admit to my faults. Hopefully after some time, I can admit to my strengths. This is my first weakness.

I’ve dealt with weight issues, my WHOLE LIFE. Not just here and there, it’s been pretty consistent. There was a period of time when I was in high school that I dropped nearly a hundred pounds in a few months time. Totally the wrong way of doing things. I thought I had reached my “biggest point” then. I can say with all confidence that I have done so right now. I joined Weight Watchers and enjoyed it, but could not commit myself to the in person meetings or cost of the program. I own a treadmill, but it seems like we are opposite sides of a magnet when it comes to getting my butt on it.

My goal is to be healthy & confident. I don’t believe I have to be skinny to do so. I have no one to impress but myself. Fortunately, I have a very loving boyfriend who does not care about my size, but does support my goal to happiness. I do not feel right knowing that i am not giving 100% of myself to him, my job, my family… because I cannot even give 100% of me, to me. I look forward to learning and sharing so much, but now, I must try and jump over another obstacle of mine, sleep!

Whole Foods

Weeks ago I attempted to tell my Grandmother about the new Whole Foods we had open up in town.

"Well, its this nice luxury store, kind of pricey, but really good food. Lots of Organic produce and foods"

"What’s Organic?"

"…………………………………..well, uh, um I don’t know It’s pretty much like food you knew when you were young”

Even though I know the answer to this, I still say to myself; Why are we paying more for simpler, better tasting food?

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